Another brazen attack. This time in Rutherford College. From The News Herald:

Store clerk Brooke Ross has learned a valuable lesson the hard way: Resist the urge to pet a monkey.

A man with a monkey on his shoulder patronized the Family Food Mart in Rutherford College on Sunday.

When the man, whom Ross didn’t know, stepped up to the counter, the small monkey stepped off his shoulder.

Ross reached out to pet the monkey and it attacked, biting her on the right cheek near her eye.

“I thought, ‘Oh, how cute.’ The next thing I know I’m bleeding,” Ross said.

How cute indeed! They lure you into their reach with their cuteness. But that’s not the truly disturbing part. Scare us some more Lt. Massey:

Sheriff’s Lt. Steve Massey said it’s not the first time he’s had reports of a monkey biting someone. He said monkeys may be cute, but warned not to pet one unless the owner invites you to.

Not the first time?!? Is there a mob of monkeys roaming North Carolina?? Why hasn’t the public been notified? Consider Rutherford College, North Carolina: Occupied Territory! Be aware that punkeys may have control of that area and are likely to attack cashiers in stores!