The Sun stumbled upon a cunning plan. So cunning they haven’t even realized it yet!

A family of chimps feast(ed) on the first batch of 50,000 bananas seized by Customs smashing a smuggling operation.

Customs officers found 2.7 million contraband cigarettes hidden among 530 boxes of bananas on a lorry at Poole, Dorset.

They gave the fruit to nearby Monkey World – where thousands of bananas have been frozen for later use.

Looks like Poole, Dorset is Occupied Territory

I firmly believe (without evidence, but when has that stopped anyone) that these monkeys are behind the whole operation. They arranged for the cigarettes to be discovered, knowing that they would be found amongst the bananas. The probably had a plant inside the police suggesting they donate these bananas. It’s a win-win. They complete the smuggling transaction; they can buy all the bananas they want. If they fail, they get bananas too. Are you starting to see what we’re up against?

 Hairy evil crimelords!