I was alerted to this story at WFAA.com about a bi-polar woman in Fort Worth, TX (now considered Occupied Territory) and her monkey.

A monkey that became caught in the middle of a battle between her owner and the Humane Society was returned home Wednesday.

Heather Grady, who is bipolar, said she depends on “Zoe,” a 3.5 pound monkey, to keep her stable.

“She came to know my symptoms, and one day she brought me my medicine bottle as if to say, ‘Momma, you’re not right. Momma, something’s wrong.”

So let me get this straight? You’re taking medicine given to you by a monkey? Are you sure the monkey wasn’t saying. “Momma, you’re crazy. Momma, take all of these pills. Momma, end it now!”?

How the heck does she know this monkey was even on her side?

They are never on your side! They are plotting ways to eliminate as many of us as possible.

 Is this the face of a helper or killer? You decide.