This story highlights a devious subtle plot by monkeys to make us dependant on them for income, thus insuring their survival and allowing them to learn from us so they can find our weaknesses, only to exploit them at a later time. Actually it’s quite genius on their parts, making that much more scary! From

Sometimes life does not seem to be as hard as it is assumed to be, especially for someone who just performs the task of making a monkey play tricks for a fee. It would then mean that it is the monkey that does the job while its owner smiles to the bank.

That is the synopsis of the story of Musa Isiyaku, from Kofar Ruwa, Kano and his monkey, which he calls ‘Chinedu’

In an interview with Sunday Trust, Musa said that he uses ‘Chinedu to entertain people and make money, but beyond the money making monkey venture, Chinedu, he says has become a close friend with whom he speaks most of the time. ‘He hears everything that I say, In fact he hears both English and Hausa’, he disclosed.

Bilingual monkeys? They’ll be able to defeat us in two languages!!

Speaking about the monkey tricks exhibited by ‘Chinedu’, Musa said that it took a lot of schooling to teach the monkey many tricks in preparation for the job of entertainment. ‘When I bought the monkey, it was 1 year, 8 months old. It was old enough to learn new tricks; I would place its back on the floor and hold it down while I spoke to it. I would explain what the position was and tell it to perform the act while reeling out an order. I would do this for ten to two weeks until it got used to it. In the same vein, I taught it how to place its forehead on the ground, like in praying position, while I repeat the phrase ‘yi sallah’

And the terrorists think we’re infidels??

Other tricks that the monkey, ‘Chinedu’ has learnt includes placing a stick on its shoulders, the way the Fulani man does. Musa also walked like an old man severally in front of the monkey for it to copy the process, now it can walk like an old man if given an order to do so. It also does acrobatic displays and scratches its head to show its anger, amongst other tricks. The monkey after each performance collects its money by itself but dutifully hands it over to its owner, an act which Musa says, shows that even animals can be taught morals.

He comes from Kano with his pet to Abuja and also travels to other parts of the country on invitation to amuse people. ‘We have gone to Lagos and Port Harcourt on invitations by important personalities. Recently, ‘Chinedu’ had the honour of entertaining the wife of former head of state, Hajiya Maryam Abacha at a reception held in Maitama. Musa also gained recognition from foreigners courtesy of the monkey. ‘White men can hardly resist ‘Chinedu’ whenever they see us on the streets. They would stop to be entertained and they would give us money. When we also go to high brow areas like Asokoro, the monkey puts in its best, earning us more money than in other places. On such days we make up to six to seven thousand naira.’ Musa disclosed.

He does have a point – guys are suckers for goofy monkeys.

Musa also takes necessary steps to ensure that his source of livelihood is not exposed to danger. Adequate care is therefore taken so that it does not fall ill, and when it does, only traditional medicine is given to the monkey. ‘Monkeys are not treated by veterinary doctors, if not they would die, they only take traditional medicines when they have diarrhea, fever or any other ailment’. When ‘Chinedu’ also shows a sign of tiredness while on duty and refuses to take orders, Musa gets the signal. He quickly cuts short its activities and moves under a shade where they will both rest and eat some bananas and snacks as the case may be, drink some water and then continue the business of the day.

Looks like it’s actually the monkey that runs the show. Need more proof?

Though Musa has some Hyenas which his siblings also use to make money in Falgore in Kano state, he loves his monkey dearly and would not part with it, not even for the sum of 37, 000 naira which one white man offered him, to buy ‘Chinedu’ and take it abroad. ‘This white man offered me this amount of money for me to sell the monkey to him but I refused. Some prominent persons here in Nigeria have also shown interest in ‘Chinedu’ but I have also told them that I can t give it to them. The monkey is my source of livelihood, ‘Chinedu’ made me what I am today’, Musa declared.

This is how they lure us in…