Not sure if this is a case of revenge or an example of how monkeys are using humans to help them escape. From KSHB-TV in Kansas City, MO:

A woman accused of kidnapping three monkeys from a Jackson County monkey sanctuary faces a judge Tuesday morning and there’s still no word on whether the monkeys are even alive.

During the videotaped monkey napping, a woman investigators identify as Catherine Montes is seen being attacked by one of the monkeys she’s now accused of stealing. The woman allegedly gave them oral sedatives and injected them with tranquilizers to get steal them.

Was the “attack” staged? Was this a rescue or theft?

The surveillance video shows that during the heist, the woman spent more than an hour and a half inside.

No one who’s talking knows where those monkeys are now. “I would have to question the health and well being of them,” Savorelli says. “Or are they alive at all? With her doing the tranquilizing and all the drugs that were involved in that, are they even alive at all?”

Either this is a horrible crime or the most elaborate cover-up of an escape ever. We’ll follow this story as it develops.