The punky menace is coming to light each day. It’s finally crept into politics in the Occupied Territory of Himachal Pradesh. From

The monkey menace in Himachal Pradesh has become a major poll plank with the contesting parties promising to make an all round effort to overcome the ‘threats’ posed by simians.

The farmers, whose crops are under constant threat by roguish monkeys, in the State’s Solan District are in favour of electing a candidate who can solve their problem.

“Monkeys destroy our crops. We work (in the fields) but it all goes in vain and our problems remain unresolved. Therefore, we will vote for the candidate who can tackle the problem,” said Neeru, a resident.

Realizing the mood in the State, the poll contestants, are promising farmers with a permanent solution to the problem.

The Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) has made it an electoral issue.

Finally, a party that sticks up for the “little guy”. Or in this case, “the guy that is actually bigger than the little guy but isn’t the biggest guy”.