New Delhi (Occupied Territory) has a new sheriff in town. That man – Ramal Lala.

From (video):

Monkey handler Ramal Lala strolls along New Delhi’s streets, a leash on his monkey named Mungle. The local government has hired the two to chase down thousands of smaller monkeys known to roam this mega-city of 13 million people, hopping on just about anything, breaking into houses and occasionally biting spectators.

On this day, Lala bangs a large stick, yells at the monkeys and lets his partner off his leash. Mungle, a Langor monkey, jumps into the trees and hisses at his smaller monkey kin. Every once and a while, Lala whips out a slingshot and fires at the little menaces.

Ok…so they call him Lala and he’s armed with a slingshot. Doesn’t really instill confidence, does it? But he’s all they’ve got.

“They steal clothes, snatch food from inside the houses. They raid the houses in large numbers,” he says. “Sometimes, the brave ones even bite.”

Lala and Mungle are essentially the monkey police of New Delhi. The government wants men such as Lala to round up the wild monkeys and move them to the Bhati reserve on the edge of India’s capital city.

The latest roundup began after the city’s deputy mayor fell and died. His son said he was fending off monkeys at the time — although speculation in the streets doubts whether that was the case. Read more about this at The Power of Negative Blogging.

The New Delhi government says it has rounded up 600 monkeys in recent months and moved them to the reserve. Some estimates put the number of monkeys roaming the city as high as 10,000.

At the reserve where the monkeys are taken, a green fence separates them from the city. They climb the fence and walk along it, keeping a keen eye on everything.

When they get bored, they just hop over and head back into the city, back home.

I guess it’s a little comforting to know that the government in India can be as inept as our own. Then again, maybe it’s not that comforting.