Seems like some monkeys like the old wacky tobaccy. From News of the World:

A dope-smoking monkey that was once at the centre of a drugs raid is in need of a new home.

The rare Rhesus Macaque primate, whose pet name is Nobby, was caught up a police swoop in 1997 after being photographed puffing on a hash bong at an address in Southend, Essex. (Officially Occupied Territory)

Cops were alerted to the creature’s plight when technicians at Boots chemists developed a roll of film for a customer and discovered images of the monkey using a cannabis pipe and looking disorientated.

Essex Police mounted a seven-man raid on the home of Nobby’s owner, vowing to get a court order to take the monkey into care.

But when officers tried to rescue the animal it turned on cops and screamed and growled, forcing the lawmen to back off.

The creature was apparently content with its environment and unwilling to be rescued.

The monkey gets free hash. Of course he’s not going quietly. I’m surprised this isn’t an episode of Animal Planet Presents: Intervention.

But animal welfare workers are now seeking a responsible keeper for Nobby after he recently found himself in need of a new owner.

At the time of the raid PC Dave Clark said: “Nobby’s strong and was determined not to let anybody near him. “Even though he’s castrated he’s still a very dominant male. I was afraid he’d tear my arm off.”

The police found no drugs at the flat. But the primate’s then owners confessed that their pet had helped himself to their hash.

I’m sure he just helped himself to it. Just saw it lying around and said “I do wonder if this hashish is quite the pick-me-up they all say. I shall try it and perchance enjoy the bemused dreams of the bourgeoisie.” In my mind he’s a pretentious monkey, I admit.

And off to the bong this monkey did go. I don’t see it that way. I see it as stoners blowing hash smoke in his face and then thinking it was cool to let him try to smoke it.


Sorry, this was in England.