We went to our neighbor to the north for this article about why monkeys eat mud. No, really. People research this kind of crap. From the CBC.ca:

Eating dirt helps chimps fight off malaria, researchers from the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris reported Wednesday.

Sabrina Krief and her colleagues had observed chimps eating soil (geophagy), a practice common among animals but usually discouraged by humans, where it has even been linked to mental-health issues.

Usually discouraged? Discouraged? Ah, those polite Canadians. When I was a kid and any of us tried eating “mudpies” my mother screamed bloody murder like we were chewing on asbestos. Discouraged. How cute.

The animals had been seen sampling the dirt before or after eating certain plants, such as the leaves of Trichilia rubescens, which has been shown to have some anti-malarial properties.

“Before being mixed with the soil, the digested leaves showed no significant anti-malarial activity. However, when the leaves and soil were digested together, the mixture had clear anti-malarial properties,” the release said.

They also noted that the soil they tested was very similar to the soil used by a local healer to treat diarrhea. Both contained the clay mineral kaolinite, used in diarrhea medicines.

This makes me wary. If the monkeys are dabbling in homegrown pharmaceuticals, how far away is it from them developing a super soldier serum to overthrow us?

Think about it.

I am.