Here’s an odd snippet that probably went under the radar. It fits with Friday’s posting about aliens and monkeys. From Pattaya City News:

Crazy Monkey injures two students in Naklua.

A bizarre incident now from Soi Sukumvit 43 in Naklua. Sawang Boriboon Rescue Workers were called to house number 390/110 on Thursday Afternoon after reports were received of two people injured following an attack by a crazed male monkey. The two injured students, who sustained minor cuts and bruises were taken to Hospital and released some hours later. Residents were able to corner the monkey and lock the animal in the kitchen of the house. Eventually three men arrived and without speaking to anyone, removed the exhausted animal. Where the monkey came from is a mystery and no Police were involved in the case.

Seems there is an odd Men in Black thing going on in Naklua (Occupied Territory). They just show up, unannounced. They don’t say a word and take the monkey without any fanfare or interaction.

Is this evidence of a secret government project whose only goal is to find aggressive and destructive monkeys to train as agents? Or just a couple of dudes who pick up monkeys from time to time?

Don’t say you weren’t warned.