From the Geelong Advertiser:

Nobody likes needles, least of all monkeys…

No. They don’t shoot heroin, they smoke dope!

…which is why Werribee Zoo opt for sedation when it’s time for the tricky business of giving the creatures medical checks.

Eleven of the zoo’s vervet monkeys were sedated so the zoo’s vets could carry out routine health checks on them.

The monkeys were blissfully unaware as vets busily checked everything from skin condition to teeth, limbs and weight before taking blood tests and giving them their annual injections.

All was calm until a sex check confirmed the troupe’s newest addition, a 3-week-old baby, was a boy.

Isn’t it always calmest right before the sex check? I mean, they’re doing for a full body massage and everything is going okay and then…HELLO! Sex check. Or as we call them in the states “Happy Endings”.