After yesterday’s post titled “Mangiamo, Monkeys!!” I was compelled to post this from TODAYOnline:

NParks, or the National Parks Board, is doubling its composition fine on those who feed wild monkeys in parks and nature reserves to $500, effective today. It hopes the higher fine will deter what it calls a “growing minority” that still persists in feeding the monkeys.

Last year, 157 people were fined, up from 142 in 2006.

Earlier this month, former zookeeper A Panneerselvam was slapped with a $4,000 fine for feeding monkeys in a nature reserve. It was the highest fine on record for such an offence, imposed after he failed to pay the original $250 fine, The New Paper reported.

Under the Parks and Trees Act, monkey feeders can be fined up to $50,000 and jailed up to six months.

Besides tougher enforcement measures, NParks hopes to educate the public by conducting outreach programmes, putting up signage and distributing pamphlets to explain the undesirable consequences of monkey feeding.

The board says feeding monkeys adversely alters the natural behavior of monkeys as it makes them reliant on humans for food. Such monkeys become too familiar with humans and this results in their becoming a nuisance to people. The monkeys may even become aggressive at times, especially to children.

Ever been to a zoo? With the way kids act today, I’m not surprised the monkeys want to take a swing at our snot-nosed offspring. We all saw what happened when idiots tease tigers.

Monkey feeding also results in the unhealthy growth of their population in the wild, and monkeys straying out of nature reserves into residential areas.

They often have to be culled for this reason, NParks says, underlining the severity of the problem.

Wild monkeys, roving your streets, eating from your garbage, swimming in your pools, pooping on your lawn!