Humans have always been able to separate themselves from apes and primates due to several factors. Well take art and culture off the table! From United Press International:

Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo is using eBay to sell paintings made by a rare artist — a 39-year-old orangutan.

One painting created by the zoo’s male primate, Towan, had reached $410 on the auction site with 12 bids as of 7 p.m. eastern time Monday. A second piece had reached $350 with 14 bids.

“Own a true original! Woodland Park Zoo’s orangutan, 39-year-old male Towan, has created a beautiful painting, rendered in his own hand,” the zoo’s description of the painting on eBay reads.

The art works, created with acrylic paints, have been matted in black frames and come with a photograph of the orangutan artist at work.

Funds raised by the auctions will go toward the 2009 conference of the Third Annual International Congress of Zookeepers/36th American Association of Zookeepers National Conference, the first joint conference featuring both organizations.

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