Finally, capitalism is trying to curb the Punkey crime rate. Someone finally came along and invented “the Baboon Watch“. From Kormorant:

The ‘Baboon watch,’ a new device recently developed by South African inventor Doug Reid may solve many residents’ headaches caused by monkeys.


“The device is a must for all homeowners who live in areas where baboons and monkeys abound and often cause chaos, even threatening injury to humans and pets, as well as damage to property. This weatherproof, CCTV camera-shaped unit emits a harmless, but high frequency sound which humanely deters both baboons and monkeys,” says Heather Hiscox, sole member of DAZER.

The ‘Baboon watch’ is, according to Hiscox a blessing too for farmers who will now not have to resort to desperate and often cruel measures in order to protect their crops.

The device can be permanently mounted outdoors and is a variable frequency audio generator that emits a high pitched sound that is uncomfortable for baboons and monkeys and deters them from the area.

The frequency is variable from audible to inaudible allowing the user to set the frequency according to their specific conditions. Its effective range is approximately 30m, but an optional extension speaker can be added up to 15m away from the base station, which from there gives an additional range of another 30m.

Participation in a recent SA Veterinary Association animal behavior exhibition chanced the meeting of the inventor with Hiscox, who already also imports and markets another ultrasonic device which deters dogs, controls their barking and operates as a pet training tool. Obvious synergies prompted the two to combine their energies and the ‘Baboon watch’ is now marketed solely by DAZER.

“I used to live in Capri Village in the Southern Cape Peninsula where we were often plagued by baboons. As an animal lover, this would have been the ideal device to have, to keep the baboons away from our home without causing them any harm,” she said.

This ultrasonic baboon and monkey deterrent can currently be purchased directly from DAZER at a price of R1350 per unit, plus postage.

Call Hiscox at 044-5348280, 083 301 7044 or email her at Readers can also visit DAZER’s website at


Needless to say, we here at Punkeys are very interested in this product. We are constantly under threat of retaliation from pro-primate supporters. Also, there’s a kindergarten across the street and it might be fun to see what happens to those snot-nosed rug rats when we crank this puppy up!