Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Who you gonna call? Punkey Busters!

If there’s something weird and it don’t look good. Who you gonna call? Punkey Busters!

Out of work? Need cash fast? Looking for something to base the latest reality show on? Look no further than Sify News:

Catching a monkey in Himachal Pradesh (Occupied Territory) would soon become rewarding endeavor as wildlife officials here are thinking of involving the public and giving them a cash prize for catching the menacing simians.

Finally a game show I would watch: Monkey or No Monkey.

“We are preparing a proposal to involve people in capturing monkeys by offering them monetary benefits,” said Vinay Tandon, chief of the State wildlife department.

The proposal, if accepted by the government, will be introduced in monkey-infested zones. The captured animals will be shifted to primate protection centers that are to be set up in Shimla and Naduan in Hamirpur district.

Officials said Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal had asked the wildlife department to prepare a proposal to catch monkeys and shift them to these primate protection parks.

The department is likely to offer Rs 400 for catching a monkey, the officials said. However, it isn’t clear if there is a plan to train people to do so.

Why bother with the training? It’ll be more fun to watch bumbling locals get outwitted by these organized scheming machines. It would really highlight the Punkey nightmare that is creeping in on us.

The State government is already carrying out monkey sterilizations in and around Shimla for the past one year. But of the 30,000 monkeys in the hill State, only 1,000 have been sterilized so far.

In the past, the government had captured monkeys with the help of experts from urban centers and shifted them to rural areas. This had angered villagers and farmers as the horses of simians had damaged standing crops.

I’m not sure if the last line is a typo or not. Horses of simians?? I’ve seen this before!!