We here at Punkeys love dogs. They’re loyal, affectionate and keep you warm during the winters. It’s good to know that in the fight against monkeys, despite earlier reports, there still on our side. At least in Matsuzaka, Japan (Occupied Territory) they are. From Mainichi Daily News:

In a bid to curb crop damage caused by monkeys, the Mie Prefecture city of Matsusaka (Not the Red Sox pitcher Dice-k)is setting aside funds to train monkey-chasing dogs, it has emerged.

Included in the city’s general accounting budget draft for fiscal 2008 is 875,000 yen to train “monkey dogs” that will scare away the problem monkeys.

Oddly enough, the term “monkey dogs” does not make me feel any better. It gives me an Island of Dr. Moreau feeling.

The city’s agriculture, forestry and fisheries division has reported increasing crop damage caused by monkeys, and in fiscal 2006, a total of 58 monkeys were captured.

“By chasing the monkeys back to the mountains, we hope to coexist with them,” an official from the division said.

In Matsusaka, two dogs will be taught to chase monkeys at a police-dog training facility in Mie Prefecture over a period of four to six months.

When monkeys appear, the dogs will be released, and they will chase the simians away. The city plans to train more dogs if they prove effective.

Monkey dog training began in the Nagano Prefecture city of Omachi in fiscal 2005. Similar measures were introduced in the Gifu Prefecture cities of Motosu and Takayama, and in the town of Taiki in Mie Prefecture in fiscal 2007. Aichi Prefecture is also set to put aside funds for monkey-chasing dogs in fiscal 2008. In Japan, monkeys and dogs have a reputation for being fierce rivals.

I never knew about the dog and monkey rivalry until now.

I would assume the dogs are the Boston Red Sox and the monkeys are the New York Yankees.