More proof that we can’t allow the pro-monkey agenda to succeed. Here is a story of wild sex, bastard children and unknown paternity. From The Mosman Daily:

Mum Shiba delivered her yet unnamed baby daughter on Wednesday last week about 1.30pm, surrounded by family and watchful zoo vet staff.

The 1.5kg infant, who according to staff is “more precious than gold” is bright, alert and exceptionally cute.

It’s Shiba’s fourth baby but first female.

Staff provided yoghurt, nuts and fruit to the 19 primates who have become one of the most successful breeding family groups in captivity.

They include family elders Lulu, 56, and Bessie, 58, who are now two of the oldest chimps in the world.

Senior primate keepers Louise Grossfeldt and Allan Schmidt have just visited the US as guest speakers at an international conference on “chimp husbandry”.

The Taronga animals are considered to be a “world model” and highly regarded by other professionals and scientists.

The chimpanzee is the closest living relative to humans sharing up to 95 per cent of our DNA.

Taronga Zoo currently has six family groups with chimps ranging in age from 58 to one week.

Ms Grossfeldt said staff would choose the name for the new addition in the next few weeks.

She said it would be an African name and would probably start with the letter “S”.

“Staff love the opportunity to choose the name it’s a great morale booster,” she said.

Dad is likely to be the dominant male Lubutu but could very well be one of the others in the group.

“The group is definitely not monogamous so we will need to look at hair samples when the baby is a little older to establish who sired her,” she said.

We need Maury Povich and we need him right now! Who knows how many wild sexed up monkeys are trying to birth their way to the top of the food chain. Who do they think they are? Utahans?