Seems our old friend Chico has a crap…I mean RAP sheet. Apparently Chico is a poo-flinger from way back. From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

A monkey once blamed for hurling feces at federal agents investigating a diploma mill operation is in trouble again – this time accused of biting three people after escaping from its owner’s south Spokane home.

The animal named Chico, actually a Java macaque, was being held Friday in an animal shelter while health authorities determine its fate.

Chico’s owner could face a misdemeanor charge of keeping an inherently dangerous animal, Assistant City Attorney Tim Szambelan said Friday. He declined to identify the owner because no charges had been filed.

Chico was obviously the lookout for this gang of diploma distributors. He wasn’t going to be intimidated by the Feds.

The Spokesman-Review reported Friday that the macaque crossed paths with law enforcement before. In 2005, federal agents serving warrants in an investigation into a Spokane-based Internet operation selling fake college degrees encountered the monkey in a Spokane Valley home.

The home’s owner kept the macaque when she subsequently moved to Spokane, the newspaper reported. The woman, who pleaded guilty last April to conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud in the diploma mill case, is awaiting sentencing, the newspaper said.

One detective told the newspaper the primate acted menacingly and threw feces at the armed officers serving a federal search warrant to seize computers and other evidence.

Agents did not report the macaque to animal control officials at that time because they were focused on gathering evidence in their worldwide diploma mill investigation, the detective said.

“I didn’t get hit,” one detective told the newspaper. “But it was a mean monkey.”

If Chico will fling feces at the feds…he’ll probably do just about anything. Punkeys are slowly infiltrating the criminal world. Right now, they’re infiltrating the morons of the criminal world, but still, they are gaining footholds into bad behavior. Don’t be a lulled into their web of cuteness. They will splatter you with poop faster than you can say “Is that monkey going to throw poop at…”SPLAT!