Apparently the zoo in Omaha Nebraska is had a jailbreak the other day. From KETV:

Officials at the Henry Doorly Zoo said a Francois Langur monkey escaped from its exhibit on Tuesday morning in the Lied Jungle but was captured a few minutes later.

Kelly Perez and her three children were inside the Lied Jungle. Perez said the monkey was sitting on top of a tunnel that her family was about to enter.

“I decided to take a picture and it just started to come towards us,” Perez said. “I didn’t think twice. I didn’t want it to come near my kids, so I took off running with them. Other people were running and it was coming towards us.”

It wanted the blood of your children Ms. Perez. Make no mistake about it…it wanted your children!

“A big monkey,” said son Anthony Perez. “I saw a big monkey — not in the jungle.”

Perez said several people looked at her like she was crazy. But a few minutes later, she saw three zookeepers with nets going after the wayward monkey.

The assistant director of the zoo, Danny Morris, admitted this was a rare occurrence.

“This particular group of monkeys was put into the exhibit in February, and from time to time, the monkeys figure out a way to get out,” said Morris.

Morris said no one was ever in danger and the monkey was quickly back in its enclosure. The zoo is now trying to figure out how the animal got out and prevent it from happening again.

Morris said that whenever something like this happens, they have everyone in the exhibit leave, which was the case on Tuesday at the Lied Jungle. It has since reopened.

Zoo officials said while it may have looked like the monkey was chasing her it wasn’t. Zookeepers said Francois Langur Monkeys will almost always avoid people and it was likely trying to get away from someone with a net.

Or it was coming to eat your children.