Looks like the monkeys at the Little Rock Zoo are running a chop shop. From WXVT:

It’s best to not drop a cell phone into the ape enclosures at the Little Rock Zoo. But if it happens, the folks in charge better be ready with a reward.

Ape keepers say the orangutans and chimpanzees know they can get treats if they give back valuable items.

Dominant orangutan Roc (Rock) drives the hardest bargains, and he has little patience for dickering. Keepers say he will dismantle a cell phone and give it back a piece at a time — each part for a piece of candy or a soda. Once, a keeper couldn’t break a frozen candy bar in time and Rok bit into the phone, destroying it with a great crunch.

Keepers say there are plenty of reasons to not drop or throw items into animal enclosures. One particular vulnerability with the apes is germs — they can catch human diseases that can be spread via the foreign objects.

First it’s cell phones, next SUV heading to Mexico. The punkey crime wave is slowly gaining strength.