Monkey and ape escapes are on the rise. Is this just isolated incidents or the beginning of a more sinister plot? From WTSP-TV:

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will soon be inspecting the Busch Gardens exhibit that a 10-year-old orangutan escaped from on Saturday night. Depending on what the agency finds, Busch Gardens could be fined.

Meantime, one of the country’s premiere orangutan experts says great ape escapes are not uncommon. In fact, Dr. Robert Shumaker with the Great Ape Trust in Iowa says if an orangutan was going to try and escape from Busch Gardens’ new Jungala orangutan exhibit, this is likely when it would occur.

“It is, I think, more common when new facilities are being built because the apes are going to test it very carefully and they will find the weak spots and then it’s up to us as professionals to design around that and correct that,” Dr. Shumaker told Tampa Bay’s 10 News.

This is what terrorist do. Test for weaknesses and exploit them. They are getting ready…

Luna Bella, a female orangutan, escaped from her habitat briefly Saturday evening. Park officials used apples, carrots and ice cream to bring her back. Part of the park was closed during the incident and no one was injured.

A Busch Gardens spokesperson says the exhibit in question remains closed “indefinitely” to the public, adding changes will soon be made to the exhibit.