Punkeys have many ways of trying to overthrow humanity. Being cute is one, being clever is another. Now it looks like they’re doing both by stealing our menial jobs as well. From IBN Live:

Compare him to the goats and he may look small, but Mani the monkey, shepherds nearly 100 goats in Nelliyampathy, Palakkad (Occupied Territory). The goat’s ear is how he controls them. He makes the goats turn right or left by tugging gently at their ear. And he attacks anyone who ventures near the goats.

Manager Greenland Farmhouse, P J Martin says, “I got this monkey three years ago, bleeding all over. I applied medicine and left it with the goats. Afterwards he was always with the goats. He does all works as a man does it.”

Three-year-old Mani effortlessly shepherds the goats through the coffee plantations. He even eats his food sitting on top of a goat. The tourists who visit the farmhouse watch Mani with awe.

A tourist, S Snehalatha says, “We came here on a holiday and heard about this monkey that is a shepherd. We have been watching him for the past few minutes and he seems to do his job better than a man would.”

And you’re in trouble if Mani catches you watching the goats. But then again, he’s got a job to do.

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