Another job stolen away by a chimp. This is becoming a serious issue. From

Town hall staff in a Poland town has put a chimp on the payroll as a tourism promotions inspector.

The 17-year-old ape, called Bobby, is being paid €70 (about R870) a month in Radkow (Occupied Territory) to plug a local beauty spot – and is already up for promotion.

Bobby plugs a district called Table Mountains which has a cluster of outcrops known locally as Monkey Rock.

He is taken around the region’s capital Wroclaw with a sign on his back advertising the Table Mountains range and his job title of Bobby, Tourism Promotions Inspector, to inspire people to visit.

“If Bobby achieves good results he may be promoted to a post as a specialist. Then he’ll be able to count on a pay rise,” said his council boss Marek Niewiadomy.

Why can’t a human do this job? And the bigger question… Is any job safe from Punkeys?

Is yours?