The past few days we’ve talked about monkeys replacing us in the workplace. How about being replaced in the family tree?! This family in India has “adopted” a monkey and treats him as one of the family. From the Telegraph:

Two-year-old Diksha Mehta really does have a cheeky monkey for a brother.

The Indian girl has become virtually inseparable from an Indian Langur named Ramu which her parents adopted when an attack by stray dogs left him orphaned.

Parents Anil and Rashmi Mehta now see Ramu as the perfect addition to their family.

“Ramu has made all the difference to our family, I feel as if he is part of my life like Diksha,” says Mrs Mehta from their home in Bharauch town in the north-western Gujarat state.

Nothing boosts self-esteem like being comparable to a monkey. This kid won’t have any image problems when she grows up I’m sure.

“They love to play together and I am as protective of him as I am of Diksha.”

“I cannot let anybody take him unless he wants to go.”

Ramu was rescued by Mr Mehta, a 36-year-old animal activist, after stray dogs killed his mother.

Still a baby, he was only two days old when he was introduced to Mrs Mehta, 28, and Diksha.

Worried about what to feed and how to care for a wild baby monkey, Mr Mehta left Ramu in the more than capable arms of Rashmi.

“Though my wife agreed to bring the baby monkey home it was very difficult for us to take care of a two-day-old monkey. We did not know what to feed him and how,” he said.

“But my wife managed to overcome all such things.”

Ramu is fed using Diksha’s old feeding bottle and his diet is supplemented by fresh mangoes and oranges.

Langur monkeys are unusual in the monkey world because they spend the majority of their time on the ground and only sleep up in trees.

That is why they are prone to attacks from wild animals and stray dogs who find groups of the monkeys lounging around in the sun.

But what is most amazing is the way that Ramu himself has become attached to his new adopted family.

He clings to his new ‘mother’ wherever she goes, around the house or on the moped going to the shops.