September 2008

Watch your backsides, because chimps are too. They can identify a face by recognizing the rump! From New Scientist:

Chimps can match up the faces of group members with photos of their behinds. The ability, researchers say, shows that chimps carry around mental representations with “whole body” detail of chimps they have encountered.

Nice Graphic, eh?


Just a follow up to this article about an alleged punkynapping in Missouri. Seems like they were actually taken and not part of a more diabolical plot. From the Fort Mills Times:

Buchanan County Sheriff’s deputies answering a domestic disturbance call this week instead discovered a pair of monkeys reported stolen from a Kansas City man almost a year ago.

Sgt. Mark Brock said the pigtailed macaques, named Abby and Nicholas, were found late Thursday while deputies investigated the call at a residence in rural Agency. After spotting the monkeys, the deputies got a search warrant and came back to take a closer look at them.

The sheriff’s department said it received a tip that the monkeys could be found at a family residence.

“They had cages and whatnot, like any other family pet,” said Brock, who has experience with exotic pets cases in the past, including monkeys.Catherine M. Montes has been charged and is scheduled to appear next month in court.

The animals were reunited with their owner, Dana Savorelli, who identified them through microchips implanted under their skin. He said the two appeared in good health although Abby was suffering from a cold with a raspy cough and is taking antibiotics.

“We’re wore out,” he said. “It was kind of a fluke” the monkeys were found during the deputies’ initial disturbance call. “We had them go up and search that place before.”

Savorelli, who owns the Monkey Island Rescue and Zoological Sanctuary in Kansas City, said three monkeys were stolen in October, when video surveillance showed a woman appearing to drug the animals and then take them.

He said the third monkey, Melissa, hasn’t been found and Thursday’s arrest didn’t find any clues to her whereabouts. No charges have been filed in Jackson County.

Lunchtime diners at Woody’s Grocery Store in Agency Friday were bemused by news of the monkey discovery nearby.

“Why would you want to steal a monkey?” unless it was valuable, said Terry Batchelder, a loader operator at Everett Quarry.

Why indeed?

Another punkey problem arises. This time in Malaysia area of Damansara Damai (Occupied Territory). Seems they are getting bolder and bolder. From The Star Online

SOME find them cute, but monkeys in an urban neighborhood translates to nuisance, especially when clothes or food go missing.

‘In the beginning they were pretty harmless, but then they started getting unruly, snatching clothes being dried and stealing food from the house,” said Azizah Othman, one of the residents in Damansara Damai, the area that’s playing “host” to the monkeys.

Azimah said initially she suspected thieves of stealing her clothes but one day she returned home to find few of the monkeys playing with the clothes hung on the clothesline.

They are gathering disguises! I’m sure of it!!!


Proof that Punkeys have no respect for authority in Karachi Pakistan (Occupied Territory) comes from the Daily Times:

Panic ensued on Tuesday when a stray adult monkey started parading on the pavements of Electronics Market, one of the busiest commercial areas of the city, adjacent to Regal Chowk.

A large number of people, including shopkeepers, customers and area residents, gathered to watch the monkey walk around and perform a variety of antics. Several children came out of their homes to watch while many women looked from their balconies. The crowd blocked several vehicles when they followed the monkey onto the road.

Eyewitnesses said that the monkey tried to climb on to cars and the women in them started screaming. Traffic police rushed to the scene and attempted to catch the monkey. However, the monkey slapped a policeman and climbed on to the advertisement board of one of the shops. “Nobody informed us,” said ASI Tariq, the duty officer at Preedy police station. “We would have done something if somebody had made a complaint.”

After some time, the crowd started playing around with the monkey by throwing bananas and other fruit at it. Some children threw stones at it, annoying the monkey, which then injured five people with its paws. Nobody knows where this monkey came from, said a shopkeeper.

Later, when the crowd dispersed, the monkey calmed down and climbed into the balcony of a residential flat. It slept there till evening.

Officials of the Sindh wildlife department were also unaware of the event. “I was out of the city on a personal assignment and will see to this myself on Wednesday morning,” said Game Warden Rasheed Ahmed Khan.

Nothing like the indifference of an inept police force.

More proof that monkeys are trying to get the same rights as humans. From The Daily Mail:

Maybe the dress wasn’t the right size, or perhaps it was the grey and gloomy weather – but these two monkeys don’t seem over-the-moon after being married in China.

The downcast-looking pair tied the knot in a special wedding ceremony at their zoo.


More punkey crime to report. Looks like certain monkeys like the taste of egg tarts. From The Earth Times:

A 25-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being mugged by a monkey for a box of egg tarts at a bus stop in Hong Kong, police said Monday. The primate struck seconds after the woman got off a bus for a Sunday picnic in rural Sai Kung Country Park (Occupied Territory) in Hong Kong’s New Territories near the Chinese border.

The monkey scratched her arm as it grabbed the box of egg tarts, police said. The shocked victim was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries, a spokesman said.

Hong Kong’s rural New Territories are home to thousands of grey macaque monkeys, whose population has exploded in recent years because of the population shift to urban areas.

The monkeys usually keep clear of humans, but occasionally, hungry lone males will prey on hikers from the city unused to seeing monkeys and arriving in country parks with bags of food.

Lone males preying on hikers? Sounds like a serial killer to me!

Seems we can learn quite a bit about ourselves and our workplace by looking at chimps in the wild. By knowing how they work, we can defend ourselves from the uprising! From The Australian:

IF you occasionally walk into the office thinking “this place is run by chimpanzees”, you may well be right.

Humans do share traits with chimpanzees and, according to chimp scholar Jane Goodall, there is much the monkey can teach the modern chief executive about his staff.

For example — see if this doesn’t ring a bell — in a typical chimp group, there will be an alpha male who is the most powerful. As the alpha male becomes more powerful, he brings his supporters through the ranks with him.

When an alpha male is displaced, it causes changes in the whole group. A displaced alpha male can quickly slide in the ranking, and almost overnight can become one of the lowest-ranked chimps.

A male that is seeking to become the next alpha male will, as much as possible, keep out of the alpha male’s way and be respectful to his face. (more…)

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