The psychological war that the punkeys are playing with us has escalated. Now they are attacking random people at an alarming rate. Look at this story from The Economic Times:

A monkey created panic on the outskirts of the city of Rajahmundry (Occupied Territory) by attacking 14 people walking on the streets.

The monkey came out from a tree near Annapurnamapeta limits in the city outskirts and attacked 14 people, leaving four seriously injured.

Municipal officials of the Rajahmundry Corporation failed in their attempts to catch the animal.

The injured persons were shifted to the Rajahmundry Government General hospital.

14 people is a lot for one monkey. These thugs will soon take over the streets and steal all our bananas! And what kind of world will that be? A banana less one, that’s what! I shudder to think of having to live in that world, my friends.