For the past few years, an unsuspecting public has been the target of a new campaign of terror. Under the guise of helpless and dare I say “cute” simians, the pro-ape agenda to overthrow humankind is being put into action. We think they are simple yet elegant cousins (unless you’re a creationist, then they’re crazy wild animals!!) but in fact they are manipulative and violent criminals trying to climb their way up the food chain.

Punkeys is a site dedicated to exposing the true threat monkeys and all simians pose to humans, bringing proof of their plotting to the public and to also expose the “primate propaganda” they are spreading.

We intended to highlight their campaign of terror, expose their deceptions and counter their propaganda machine. Oh…and laugh at their expense.

We are always looking for information about suspicious monkey movements, so if you have a story or picture to submit, please email to It’s your duty as a human to help fight this cause!

*** This site is satirical in nature – If you really think we hate monkeys…then they truly are smarter than humans.***


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