Video evidence that Punkeys are mobilizing and preparing for a ground assault. Here is the recon video:

And segways are not easy to ride as this picture of the president shows:

Conclusion: Punkeys may be smart enough to become president!!!


In a bold move, punkeys are creeping ever forward across our borders. Now it looks like an unnamed island of the coast of South Carolina is the staging area for an impending monkey invasion! From WIS News

Vodpod videos no longer available.





We here in America aren’t the only ones struggling with obesity. Take a look at these tubbies in Japan. From

SAKAI, Osaka Prefecture–Though they might worry about their own waistlines, visitors to Ohama park here don’t seem to be bothered by its roly-poly “metabolic monkeys”–in fact, they happily overfeed them.

The rise in primate rotundity is alarming the municipal park’s overseers.

Visitors love to offer the macaques snacks, bread or even leftovers from their meals, officials say. And the monkeys love to chow it all down.

The park has no full-time zookeeper. Some 50 Macaca mulatta monkeys roam in their enclosure.

Some have grown so big they are two or three times heavier than average weight.

Many monkeys find it too hard to move in the 420-square-meter enclosure.

Visitors react with insults or pitying comments, the officials said.

Nothing hurts more than low self-esteem. Poor plump punkeys.

One official says he has had to explain that a particular monkey with a swollen abdomen isn’t pregnant–it simply has a pot belly.

I’ve run into the same problem with ladies at our office. Sorry Suzie! (more…)