Hong Kong

More brazen attacks in Hong Kong (Occupied Territory). From The Age:

A 46-year-old hiker was recovering in hospital Saturday after falling 20 metres into a Hong Kong reservoir while running away from a monkey trying to steal her food.

The woman was hiking with friends on Friday when a large adult monkey tried to snatch a bag of nuts she was carrying, according to a spokesman for the emergency services team who rescued her.

She ran away and tumbled down a steep bank before ending up in the reservoir. The woman was taken to hospital with injuries to her head, arms and legs.

The woman and her friends had been hiking in Shing Mun Country Park in Hong Kong’s rural New Territories when the monkey, part of a group of grey macaque monkeys, began pestering them.

Outside its high-rise heart, rural Hong Kong is home to an estimated 2,100 monkeys, the numbers of which have risen sharply in recent years partly because of hikers feeding them in parks.

In September, a 25-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being mugged by a monkey for a box of egg tarts as she got off a bus in another park in Hong Kong.

Apparently you need to protect your nuts when monkeys are around. And nobody wants to lose their nuts…


More punkey crime to report. Looks like certain monkeys like the taste of egg tarts. From The Earth Times:

A 25-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being mugged by a monkey for a box of egg tarts at a bus stop in Hong Kong, police said Monday. The primate struck seconds after the woman got off a bus for a Sunday picnic in rural Sai Kung Country Park (Occupied Territory) in Hong Kong’s New Territories near the Chinese border.

The monkey scratched her arm as it grabbed the box of egg tarts, police said. The shocked victim was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries, a spokesman said.

Hong Kong’s rural New Territories are home to thousands of grey macaque monkeys, whose population has exploded in recent years because of the population shift to urban areas.

The monkeys usually keep clear of humans, but occasionally, hungry lone males will prey on hikers from the city unused to seeing monkeys and arriving in country parks with bags of food.

Lone males preying on hikers? Sounds like a serial killer to me!