Will someone stop worshipping these evil over throwers!! Look at this from TIME:

Every year, all of the province’s approximately 600 monkeys are invited to eat fruits and vegetables during an annual feast held in honor of Rama, a hero of the Ramayana, who, it is said, rewarded his friend and ally, Hanuman the Monkey King, with the fiefdom of what is now Lopburi.

If we lose our battle to the monkeys…you now know why.


Apparently National Geographic is the Al-Jazerra of the primate world. It’s quite obvious that they are in the monkey’s pockets and spread their propaganda. Like tonight’s latest campaign of misinformation Human Ape which airs tonight at 8et/7c. Here a chimp shows that it can recognize its own reflection:

Being able to recognize yourself in the mirror may show signs of superior intellect. But really, who hasn’t woken up, hungover, with bed head, stumbling to the mirror and looked at the reflection and said. “Who the hell is that?”


Apparently, art making monkeys are in vogue. First Seattle did it, now the Atlanta based Ape Conservation Effort is having an Art Auction tomorrow.


Look, just because apes paint like artists, eat like artists and smell like artists, doesn’t mean they’re artists!!  And when they say Business Casual, do the apes have to dress up like Best Buy employees?

Another step in the wrong direction. When will we take action?

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This silliness needs to stop! The Punkey agenda to overthrow humans from the top of the food chain is gain momentum every day. Hidden from the attention of the normal person, their insidious plans to ingrain themselves into our culture, become equals and then enslave us seems to be moving right along. And we’re helping them! Look at this report from BBC News:

Some 3,000 villagers have attended an elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony in eastern India for two monkeys.

The “bride” was dressed in a five-meter long sari and decked in flowers. The ceremony took place last Thursday in Ghanteswara village in Orissa state (Occupied Territory).

The guests were served a feast of rice, lentils, vegetables, fish and sweets.

Monkeys are revered idols in Hindu mythology. But the couples that took in and “married” off the two monkeys in Orissa say they love them as pets.

The monkey marriage took place some 200km (125 miles) from the Orissa state capital, Bhubaneswar.


Here is a story about the perfect storm of stupidity. From the Kansas City Star:

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

That sentence never starts a happy story.

Take a gaggle of 10- and 11-year-olds at a birthday party, throw in a couple of rented monkeys and just sit back and let the camcorders roll.

That may be the stupidest idea ever! For the first time, I may feel bad for the monkey in this situation. Imagine Chuck E. Cheese on crack with the faint smell of poo.

“The monkeys hopped from shoulder to shoulder and from person to person,” said Susan Vanlandingham of Leawood, who was throwing the birthday bash for her son, Ben. “It seemed like a free-for-all. … We thought, ‘This is great.’ ”

But when one of the monkeys, a little Capuchin named Wyatt, jumped on a child grabbing for Cheetos, it kicked off a litigation battle that still isn’t resolved five years later. Even today, there is disagreement over whether Wyatt bit the child twice or just scratched him.

It is widely known that you never, ever get between a monkey and a cheeto. Lives have been lost for less.


Drinking Monkey
Happy New Year!

Several institutions around the globe have taken to throwing birthday parties for their primates.

There is Delu at the Oregon Zoo:

Delu has crossed some major milestones recently, weaning herself from her mother’s milk and losing her pure-white baby coloring. She now looks a lot like her parents, with a black body and white shoulders, back and beard.

These are milestones? If she just sat there and did nothing, this would happen. First step, first word, first poop…that’s a milestone. But this is not something even learned and we’re throwing a party. Woohoo! (more…)