Not satisfied with just stealing and sabotage, the punkeys in Mumbai (Occupied Territory) have started a psychological campaign against us too. From the Times of India:

Two monkeys who have made the Bandra skywalk their home have been causing havoc and indulging in inappropriate behaviour. Not only have they nipped at pedestrians and snatched their bags, they have even been seen mating on the skywalk.

There is nothing more psychologically damaging than seeing monkeys mate!

In the last month, at least 30 people have been bitten, one of them a security guard, J R Dubey, who has been posted there by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority. The MMRDA has constructed the zigzagging yellow 1.3 km walkway, which became operational two months ago.

Not a single security official can explain where the simians have leapt from. One of them has a iron ring around its neck. Dubey said, “I have seen at least five people being attacked. I’ve been bitten twice. It’s terrifying to work here. In the night, the monkeys sleep behind the hoardings on the Western Express highway, and at other times, when they tired of the skywalk, they hide in the rain trees near Bandra station.”

Poonam Shah, 22, said she and her friends were happily strolling down the skywalk when a monkey bit her and snatched a cellphone from her friend’s hand. “I had to take five injections to avoid rabies. It’s really scary to walk here, but I do not have any other option,” she said.

While this correspondent was trying to get a picture of the monkeys, one of them obliged by snatching at the bag of an elderly woman, only to drop it after discovering that it contained fish.

Okay, you can’t blame them for dropping the bag if it’s full of fish. At least they have some taste.

TOI phoned MMRDA bosses Ratnakar Gaikwad, Milind Mhaiskar and Ashwini Bhide and told them about the untoward activity on their otherwise pedestrian-friendly bridge. Spokesperson Dilip Kawathkar said he would ask the security officers to do the needful. Range forest officer Rajendra Magdum, whose job profile includes tackling stray monkeys, said, “I will deploy two men on Saturday to trap them.”

MMRDA guards plan to light firecrackers to scare the duo away, but this will not be a permanent solution. Environmentalist Debi Goenka said the MMRDA should ask the forest department to help capture and translocate them in a forest outside Mumbai. Sanctuary Magazine editor Bittu Sehgal said, “They should be captured. In all probability, they are hungry and must have escaped from a madariwalla.”


What is the punkeys’ latest tactic? Become an economic drain to humans! Apparently in Plant City, FL (Occupied Territory) escaped monkeys are stealing feed and killing tractor batteries. From Tampa Bay Online:

Ray Clark first noticed corn vanishing at an alarming rate from deer feeders on his 600-acre Polk County ranch.

Then he discovered someone – or some thing – tampered with the switches and knobs on his tractors, draining the batteries on both.

The tiny footprints helped unravel the mystery. The remaining patas monkeys that escaped from nearby Safari Wild in April have turned to his property for a refuge from trappers, a reliable source of food and, it appears, a playground. (more…)

This poor disillusioned monkey owner is going to jail for his pet marmoset. Is this heroic or part of the monkeys menace plan to place as many people in prison, out of the way, for their attack? You decide. From CityNews:

Never get in the way of a man and his monkey. That seems to be the lesson one man was trying to teach the justice system in the U.S.

But despite his best efforts, it didn’t quite work.

When David Grigorian, a 43-year-old resident from Van Nuys, California, got a marmoset monkey as a pet a few years back, he quickly fell in love with the creature. But he didn’t have a permit for the exotic animal and a court ordered him to get rid of it.

The controversy began last January when cops investigated Grigorian on an unrelated matter. After arriving at his home, they found the animal but not the permits he needed to keep it. He was ordered to get rid of it and promised he would.

A face only a punkey could love!

Just a follow up to this article about an alleged punkynapping in Missouri. Seems like they were actually taken and not part of a more diabolical plot. From the Fort Mills Times:

Buchanan County Sheriff’s deputies answering a domestic disturbance call this week instead discovered a pair of monkeys reported stolen from a Kansas City man almost a year ago.

Sgt. Mark Brock said the pigtailed macaques, named Abby and Nicholas, were found late Thursday while deputies investigated the call at a residence in rural Agency. After spotting the monkeys, the deputies got a search warrant and came back to take a closer look at them.

The sheriff’s department said it received a tip that the monkeys could be found at a family residence.

“They had cages and whatnot, like any other family pet,” said Brock, who has experience with exotic pets cases in the past, including monkeys.Catherine M. Montes has been charged and is scheduled to appear next month in court.

The animals were reunited with their owner, Dana Savorelli, who identified them through microchips implanted under their skin. He said the two appeared in good health although Abby was suffering from a cold with a raspy cough and is taking antibiotics.

“We’re wore out,” he said. “It was kind of a fluke” the monkeys were found during the deputies’ initial disturbance call. “We had them go up and search that place before.”

Savorelli, who owns the Monkey Island Rescue and Zoological Sanctuary in Kansas City, said three monkeys were stolen in October, when video surveillance showed a woman appearing to drug the animals and then take them.

He said the third monkey, Melissa, hasn’t been found and Thursday’s arrest didn’t find any clues to her whereabouts. No charges have been filed in Jackson County.

Lunchtime diners at Woody’s Grocery Store in Agency Friday were bemused by news of the monkey discovery nearby.

“Why would you want to steal a monkey?” unless it was valuable, said Terry Batchelder, a loader operator at Everett Quarry.

Why indeed?

Proof that Punkeys have no respect for authority in Karachi Pakistan (Occupied Territory) comes from the Daily Times:

Panic ensued on Tuesday when a stray adult monkey started parading on the pavements of Electronics Market, one of the busiest commercial areas of the city, adjacent to Regal Chowk.

A large number of people, including shopkeepers, customers and area residents, gathered to watch the monkey walk around and perform a variety of antics. Several children came out of their homes to watch while many women looked from their balconies. The crowd blocked several vehicles when they followed the monkey onto the road.

Eyewitnesses said that the monkey tried to climb on to cars and the women in them started screaming. Traffic police rushed to the scene and attempted to catch the monkey. However, the monkey slapped a policeman and climbed on to the advertisement board of one of the shops. “Nobody informed us,” said ASI Tariq, the duty officer at Preedy police station. “We would have done something if somebody had made a complaint.”

After some time, the crowd started playing around with the monkey by throwing bananas and other fruit at it. Some children threw stones at it, annoying the monkey, which then injured five people with its paws. Nobody knows where this monkey came from, said a shopkeeper.

Later, when the crowd dispersed, the monkey calmed down and climbed into the balcony of a residential flat. It slept there till evening.

Officials of the Sindh wildlife department were also unaware of the event. “I was out of the city on a personal assignment and will see to this myself on Wednesday morning,” said Game Warden Rasheed Ahmed Khan.

Nothing like the indifference of an inept police force.

More punkey crime to report. Looks like certain monkeys like the taste of egg tarts. From The Earth Times:

A 25-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being mugged by a monkey for a box of egg tarts at a bus stop in Hong Kong, police said Monday. The primate struck seconds after the woman got off a bus for a Sunday picnic in rural Sai Kung Country Park (Occupied Territory) in Hong Kong’s New Territories near the Chinese border.

The monkey scratched her arm as it grabbed the box of egg tarts, police said. The shocked victim was taken to hospital for treatment for minor injuries, a spokesman said.

Hong Kong’s rural New Territories are home to thousands of grey macaque monkeys, whose population has exploded in recent years because of the population shift to urban areas.

The monkeys usually keep clear of humans, but occasionally, hungry lone males will prey on hikers from the city unused to seeing monkeys and arriving in country parks with bags of food.

Lone males preying on hikers? Sounds like a serial killer to me!

Seems like Tokyo (Occupied Territory) has a bit of a commuter issue when it comes to Punkeys. We’ll let CNN.com explain:

A monkey stopped morning commuters in their tracks at one of Tokyo’s busiest subway stations this week, as it curiously peered down at them from its perch atop the departures and arrivals board.

Monday marked the third time a monkey has been spotted in the capital this month — surprising, because the beasts usually live in the mountains and hills outside Tokyo, more than a two-hour train ride away from the city center.

Surprised commuters snapped cell phone pictures of the simian, while about 30 police officers scrambled to rope off the area.

They held up green nets and tarps, trying to coax the animal down from the overheard electronic board.


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