More biological weapons testing on the punkey front. From the London Paper:

ZOO managers have taken Brussels sprouts off the Christmas menu after the vegetable caused an attack of flatulence in their gorillas.

The staff at Chessington Zoo fed the giant apes on the seasonal favourite as they are filled with nutritional goodness. However, they hadn’t reckoned with the gassy qualities of the tiny veggies.

Now the zoo has issued an apology after guests at the zoo expressed their horror at the potent smell that started emanating from the gorillas’ enclosure.

Gorilla keeper Michael Rozzi said: “We feed the gorillas brussel sprouts during the winter because they are packed with vitamin C and have great nutritional benefits.

“Unfortunately, an embarrassing side effect is that it can cause bouts of flatulence in humans and animals alike.

“However, I don’t think any of us were prepared for a smell that strong.”

As if the gorilla house didn’t smell bad enough. We always knew Brussels sprouts were evil, now there is proof!!!


First they joined forces with the elephants, then dogs, now the punkey forces are trying to court a new ally…White Tigers! From the Sun

THIS cute chimp isn’t just a primate – she is this baby tiger’s BEST mate. (more…)

More proof that monkeys are trying to get the same rights as humans. From The Daily Mail:

Maybe the dress wasn’t the right size, or perhaps it was the grey and gloomy weather – but these two monkeys don’t seem over-the-moon after being married in China.

The downcast-looking pair tied the knot in a special wedding ceremony at their zoo.


We’ve seen some pretty blatant propaganda before but now the Punkeys are using this love story to woo over the human race. From The Times of India:

A male hoolock gibbon wandered from the wild into a national park in Assam in search of a mate – and has now returned with her to his natural habitat.

The first recorded case of a wild gibbon falling in love with a captive mate at the Kaziranga reserve has delighted wildlife experts.

Conservationists bade farewell in late May to the lone female gibbon they hand-raised at the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation (CWRC) next to the Panbari forest in Kaziranga.

Now Siloni, who is the first gibbon to be rehabilitated in India, has joined her partner in the wild to start a family.

Hoolock gibbons are the species of the ape family found in India and are critically endangered, with only an estimated 4,500-5,000 left in the forests of Assam where they live. Gibbons are protected by Schedule I of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, the highest measure for protection of wildlife in the country.

“Siloni first met her partner, a good-looking male gibbon, after he sneaked into the centre to meet her,” says wildlife veterinarian Anjan Talukdar, who had been her surrogate parent.

The romance started some four months ago. (more…)

Monkey and ape escapes are on the rise. Is this just isolated incidents or the beginning of a more sinister plot? From WTSP-TV:

A spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Agriculture says it will soon be inspecting the Busch Gardens exhibit that a 10-year-old orangutan escaped from on Saturday night. Depending on what the agency finds, Busch Gardens could be fined.

Meantime, one of the country’s premiere orangutan experts says great ape escapes are not uncommon. In fact, Dr. Robert Shumaker with the Great Ape Trust in Iowa says if an orangutan was going to try and escape from Busch Gardens’ new Jungala orangutan exhibit, this is likely when it would occur.

“It is, I think, more common when new facilities are being built because the apes are going to test it very carefully and they will find the weak spots and then it’s up to us as professionals to design around that and correct that,” Dr. Shumaker told Tampa Bay’s 10 News.

This is what terrorist do. Test for weaknesses and exploit them. They are getting ready…

Luna Bella, a female orangutan, escaped from her habitat briefly Saturday evening. Park officials used apples, carrots and ice cream to bring her back. Part of the park was closed during the incident and no one was injured.

A Busch Gardens spokesperson says the exhibit in question remains closed “indefinitely” to the public, adding changes will soon be made to the exhibit.

Looks like the monkeys at the Little Rock Zoo are running a chop shop. From WXVT:

It’s best to not drop a cell phone into the ape enclosures at the Little Rock Zoo. But if it happens, the folks in charge better be ready with a reward.

Ape keepers say the orangutans and chimpanzees know they can get treats if they give back valuable items.

Dominant orangutan Roc (Rock) drives the hardest bargains, and he has little patience for dickering. Keepers say he will dismantle a cell phone and give it back a piece at a time — each part for a piece of candy or a soda. Once, a keeper couldn’t break a frozen candy bar in time and Rok bit into the phone, destroying it with a great crunch.

Keepers say there are plenty of reasons to not drop or throw items into animal enclosures. One particular vulnerability with the apes is germs — they can catch human diseases that can be spread via the foreign objects.

First it’s cell phones, next SUV heading to Mexico. The punkey crime wave is slowly gaining strength.

Once again, we humans are helping out the punkeys train and prepare to overthrow us. From The Scotsman:

IT IS a home fit for the king of the swingers. The new £6m Budongo Trail at Edinburgh Zoo houses the world’s largest chimpanzee enclosure and is expected to be a major draw when it opens to the public this week.

The 11 chimpanzees kept by the zoo have acclimatized to the three ‘zones’ within the enclosure as experts monitor their behavior.

Head keeper Jo Richardson said they settled “within a matter of days”. “Chimpanzees are an amazing species to work with,” she added. “What this house allows the chimps to do is show all of their mental and physical capacities.”

Don’t be fooled. These chimps are having a meeting to take over the planet. It’s very similar to our meetings. Boring and not much gets accomplished. But they are meeting. (more…)

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